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AANA 2023 Congress Could Change Your Life

Get all of your questions answered LIVE in Seattle.

Featuring Career Opportunities for CRNAs

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What: AANA 2023 Congress

When: Aug 18-22

Where: Booth 732 – Synergy Health Partners See Hall Map

Why: Education on Your Options as an Anesthesia professional 

Anesthesia Professionals

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At Synergy Health Partners, we value and respect the CRNA skillset. We have a long history of successful partnerships through our Anesthesia and Surgicalist Models that put clinicians first and embrace anesthesia professionals.

We are excited to meet with you, learn about your career goals, and share our latest openingsMeanwhile, check out these quality careers:






See more jobs on our Career site Here 

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Working with Synergy Health Partners

CRNAs enjoy working with Synergy Health Partners to help them live their best lives. Check out our other open positions here. See jobs for CRNAs, Anesthesiologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, General Surgeons, Trauma Surgeons, and Advanced Practice Providers – and live your best life now with Synergy Health Partners.

Synergy Health Partners is a national leader in the management of Surgicalist programs and Anesthesia staffing. Our Anesthesia Model helps restore work-life balance for clinicians, ensures quality of life for skilled clinicians and allows them to enjoy real-time off. This is how we support high quality, aligned, and engaged clinicians so that they can support hospitals and practices with predictable surgical staffing for patient access to local care.

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