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Consistent Staffing

Supporting Patient Access and
Clinical Quality.

Our collaborative partnerships with hospitals and clinicians deliver access to care and improved performance.

Physician and Advanced Practice Staffing and Management

We know that consistent physician, anesthesia and surgical staffing is key to ensuring the financial health of your facility.  That’s why we offer customized clinical management and healthcare staffing models you can depend on to deliver consistent patient care and meet performance goals.

From rural hospitals to integrated healthcare systems, Synergy Health Partners connects its partners with talented clinicians who promote a culture dedicated to performance improvement. Healthcare leaders also gain peace of mind with 24/7/365 insights and analytics so you can see your program results.

What We Offer

We Help Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
Optimize Financial and Clinical Performance by Coordinating High-Quality Care Across Specialties

By delivering measurable performance improvements, we build customized Staffing Models that are tailored to each of our hospital partner’s unique needs. We assign you a designated service line leader to champion your program and provide consistent support.

Because our clinical teams are integrated into hospital workflows, facility culture, clinical committees, and the local community, our talented providers are carefully vetted to ensure they have the skills to develop long-term, engaged partnerships within their communities.

We optimize surgical staffing for quality and performance, across the
following specialties:

group of doctors and healthcare leaders solving problems
A team of surgeons working over a table.


Orthopedic, General, & Trauma

  • Innovative Surgicalist Staffing
  • 24/7/365 consistent, integrated, facility-dedicated coverage
  • Community-engaged physician teams
  • Focused service plans to increase volume and downstream revenue
  • Decreased patient wait times and minimized length of stay


Anesthesia Staffing Services for Hospitals and Practices

  • Increase OR & CRNA Utilization
  • Control costs and reduce stipends
  • Build case volumes
  • Bolster staff and surgeon satisfaction
A team of surgeons around a patient, a surgeon in the middle holds a device over the patients mouth.
A team of doctors pushing a patient on a stretcher down a hallway.

Emergency Medicine

Urban, Community, and Rural Models

  • Improved clinical and operational metrics
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Data-driven, efficient staffing plans
  • Engaged on-site medical direction

Specialty On-Call Services

Fair and Timely Fee–for–Service Reimbursement

  • Standardized practice patterns
  • Improved response times and improved case retention
  • Controlled YoY stipend spend
  • Advanced performance tracking analytics
The Models team walking and discussing

Your Success is Our

While each facility has distinct performance goals, every healthcare organization must prioritize excellence in patient access and care. At Synergy, we understand that satisfied physicians lead to high-quality care and optimal service line performance. This is the foundation of our physician-centered recruiting and staffing models, which result in better outcomes.