Coordinated care designed to optimize trauma, general, orthopedic surgery, emergency medicine, and specialty on-call services.

Unlike locum tenens providers, Synergy Health Partners' clinicians are dedicated to their facilities and work as teams to provide coordinated care. This approach enables us to attract and support Superior, aligned, and engaged clinical providers, even in markets that face unique recruiting challenges.

Surgicalist model

A Team-Based Approach to Care

Synergy Health Partners’ Surgicalist Services model is a hospital-based career path for surgeons that separates private practice work from acute hospital-based care. Unlike locum tenens providers, Synergy Health Partners surgicalists are dedicated to their facilities and work as teams to provide coordinated care. This approach enables us to attract and support exceptional, aligned, and engaged physicians, even in markets that face unique recruiting challenges.

Our surgical teams work in coordinated shifts with detailed handoffs to cover emergent, acute, and inpatient consult needs, as well as elective cases as needed. Our surgeons function as integrated and active members of the medical staff and hospital committees, and work scheduled shifts at a dedicated facility.

Benefits to Surgeons

Our surgeons benefit from consistency and satisfaction in their practice

The Synergy Health Partners hospital-based surgicalist team model restores work-life balance, ensures quality of life for skilled surgeons, and allows surgeons to focus on patient care rather than administrative hassles.

Benefits to Hospitals

  • 24/7/365 consistent, integrated, facility-dedicated coverage
  • Community-engaged physician teams
  • Focused service plans to drive increase in volume and downstream revenue
  • Decreased patient wait times and minimized length of stay
  • 24/7/365 consistent, integrated, facility-dedicated coverage
  • Level II Trauma Center Designation
  • Surgical ICU coverage
  • Community-engaged physician teams

ED Staffing Model

Our clinical teams provide skilled, compassionate, cost-effective emergency medicine care 24/7/365

The Synergy Health Partners emergency medicine model offers an engaged team culture, experienced medical director oversight, performance-based incentives, and continued professional and clinical development.

We have extensive experience with all-physician and mixed-physician/APP models and offer customized provider compensation plans, including profit-sharing and partnership models.

Synergy Health Partners’ physicians have access to actionable clinical performance data and best practices protocol, allowing them to focus on their passion for patient care.

Benefits to Clinicians

enjoy the freedom to focus on high-quality patient care

Synergy Health Partners’ emergency physicians and APPs are integrated into facility communities as members of engaged clinical teams with consistent clinical scheduling. Synergy Health Partners provides clinical and professional development opportunities, and clinical quality metrics to support professional growth.

Benefits to Hospitals

  • Dedicated, experienced clinicians providing high-quality patient care
  • Coordinated care delivery
  • Data-driven best practices for improved outcomes
  • Quick identification and resolution of issues
  • Improved experience for patients and their families
  • Improved medical staff satisfaction

Specialty On-Call

fair, timely, guaranteed reimbursement to call panel physicians, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay

Synergy’s call compensation programs give hospitals a compliant, cost-effective alternative to escalating stipends, and provide fair and timely reimbursement to call panel physicians. Our physicians are compensated for availability, call burden, and professional services rendered, with guaranteed payments for all patients regardless of payer.

Benefits to Physicians

Physicians benefit from guaranteed and timely payments and elimination of financial risk associated with payor class.

Benefits to Hospitals

With an aligned call panel, facilities benefit from reduced coverage gaps, improved performance, and higher standards of care.


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