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Attracting and retaining a robust healthcare workforce has always been a costly challenge for hospital systems; so what’s the future of healthcare staffing going to look like? Well, shortages of nurses and other essential frontline caregivers are still making headlines. At the same time, burnout and exhaustion are at sky-high levels among clinicians, impacting patient outcomes and retention rates. In this panel, industry staffing and healthcare workforce experts share strategies for attracting the coveted frontline physicians and clinicians to their organizations, addressing burnout and tackling retention challenges.

By aligning the goals of hospital and clinicians, Synergy Health Partners is #1 in Orthopedic Surgicalists.

In this webinar video, Dan Siegel, chief executive officer for Synergy Health Partners, a top Surgicalist staffing company, reveals an innovative and long-term option that appeals to quality surgeons while aligning with the goals of healthcare leaders.

ABOUT THE SURGICALIST MODEL The Surgicalist Model is a long-term staffing and management solution that aligns the goals of the hospital and its clinicians. Surgicalists are quality surgeons who are dedicated to a hospital facility and who work as a team in preset shifts covering call, acute inpatient consultations or who manage an entire program. Surgicalists are part of the hospital staff and team; they support local clinicians, serve on committees, and work side-by-side with hospital administration to grow programs and improve operations.

ABOUT SYNERGY HEALTH PARTNERS Synergy Health Partners is a specialized staffing and solutions management company supporting hospitals nationwide with innovative physician staffing models that align incentives while improving clinical quality and patient access to hospital surgical services.

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