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Specialty On-Call
Compensation Services

Fair, Timely, Guaranteed Reimbursements To Call Panel
Physicians, Regardless Of Patients’ Ability To Pay

Synergy Health Partners’ call compensation programs give hospitals a compliant, cost-effective alternative to escalating stipends, and provide fair and timely reimbursement to call panel physicians. Our physicians are compensated for availability, call burden, and professional services rendered, with guaranteed payments for all patients regardless of payer status.

Benefits to Physicians

Physicians are guaranteed timely, fair payments and the elimination of financial risk associated with payor class. They are also assigned a dedicated support team to assist with processing and compensation management.

Benefits to Hospitals

With an aligned call panel, hospitals benefit from reduced coverage gaps, improved performance, and higher standards of care.

Our call management services provide:

  • Timely, coordinated access to specialty care
  • Improved patient experience
  • On-call spend containment
  • <2% YOY increases
  • Reliable, quality call panel
  • Active physician management for improved performance and outcomes
  • Hospital positioned for value-based and bundled payments
  • Guaranteed payment for all patients regardless of payer
  • Fair payments commensurate with call burden and service
  • Elimination of financial risk when treating under-insured patients
  • Quality care regardless of the financial class

Let’s Talk About How Our Services will Improve Your Facility.

Headshot of a man in a doctors coat.

Our hospital contracted with Synergy Health Partners to develop an orthopedic surgery program from the ground up. Synergy Health Partners educated our staff and coordinated the program setup. We were presented with exceptionally sourced candidates and hired the first two we interviewed. These were surgeons I don’t think would have ever given a small, rural hospital a second look if it were not for the Synergy Health Partners relationship and work model.

In the first nine months of the program, we had over 1,700 clinic visits and 114 surgeries. We received the County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award for the hospital’s impact on the community and its outreach efforts. We have been able to deliver a service and meet the needs of patients at our community hospital, right here and close to home. Synergy Health Partners has been a true partner in every sense of the word.

With the help of Synergy Health Partners, our surgical volume and revenue is exceeding budget, and our surgeons are able to open additional outpatient clinic visits to increase elective surgical volumes. Before partnering with Synergy Health Partners, we had two warring surgical groups who now, with the help of the Synergy Health Partners, are working well together.

Working as an associate with Synergy Health Partners in the field of orthopedics without a doubt is inimitable in its work-life balance flexibility. You can still have a multitude of challenging cases, physician-patient interactions, and even continuity of care with inpatient or outpatient encounters, all condensed into a schedule you chose to manage. When it’s done . . . enjoy your time away.

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I have had the privilege of working with Synergy Health Partners for the past couple of years.  It has been an absolute game-changer for me as a surgeon.  My work-life balance is better than I ever expected for the practice of general surgery.  I love the team approach and the opportunity to work with excellent surgeons and PAs.  I really enjoy the excitement of acute care and trauma surgery without the stress of worrying about money and running a business.  Synergy Health Partners is a brilliant program begun by surgeons — for surgeons. Thank you, Synergy Health Partners.

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I have been working for SynergyHealth Partners for over five years, and it is the best decision of my career. I am able to provide excellent patient care, and have achieved a true work-life balance. When I am on shift, I am able to focus on my patients, their care, and their needs. When I am off shift, I know that my partners are providing the same level of care. This teamwork and partnership allow me to enjoy my time off and return to work ready for another shift. By finding this work-life balance, I believe I now deliver better care to my patients at work, and am a better partner at home.

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After 28 years in private practice, I began looking for opportunities to allow me greater freedom to travel with my family. My Synergy Health Partners schedule allows me this free time. When I am off, I am truly off—no office responsibilities, no patient calls, and the confidence that the patients I have taken care of continue to receive quality care from my Synergy Health Partners colleagues. I also continue to be challenged with my work and find that the skills I have acquired over the 28 years are being put to good use. I am more than happy with my decision to join Synergy Health Partners. Perhaps my only regret is that this model was not available to me years ago.

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Since partnering with Synergy Health Partners, we have seen an improvement in emergency department patient service and satisfaction that is absolutely night and day in terms of the quality of care, efficiency of care, and overall departmental culture. Our emergency department has become a beacon of patient-centered medicine, and our patients consistently maintain they will go nowhere else for their emergency services. Our staff morale, nursing and physician relationships, and community presence are all at monumental levels.

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